Dr. Ramchandra

I am Dr Ramchandra Ladu Konduskar is Ayushakti Ayurveda Doctor and has been working since last 8 yrs. Has been treated many patients across the world. Expertise in handling all Panchakarma unit indepently and has very good hand on Marma therapy, and diagnosing with the help of pulse reading. Core expertise in treating Autoimmune disorders, Kidney diseases, Musculoskeletal diseases, Skin diseases, Thyroid disorders, and many more serious life style diseases. Good hand in writing posts, Articles in media and being actively keen in educating the masses with powerful writting. Keen interest in teaching Ayurveda science authentically as per classical, but with logical interpretation. Strong knowledge in Ayurvedic way of cooking as per traditional ways and in relation with fusioning with modern way of cooking without affecting its authenticity.

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