I received a Ph.D in Transpersonal Psychology and Complementary and Alternative Medical Therapies; certifications in Color and Sound Healing, Energy Medicine, Mind- Body Medicine, Medical Qigong and Qigong Teacher Training from Qigong Master Robert Peng. She also holds a Doctorate in Holistic Healing and a degree in Economics. For the past 18 years she has been in private practice as a psychotherapist, teaching seminars in personal transformation, Reiki, Color & Sound Healing, Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine, Multidimensional Healing, Channeling Entura Art, etc. Marion has co-authored 5 books with Tracy Latz: SHIFT: A Woman’s Guide To Transformation and SHIFT: 12 Keys To Shift Your Life, Entrepreneurial Alignment: How to Overcome Self Sabotage in Business, Bye-Bye Self Sabotage, The Mystical World Of Entura Art.Through their online courses: Bye-Bye Self Sabotage, Awakening Awareness, and Introduction to Entura Art as well as books, CD’s, DVD’s and other products they are reaching people around the world and giving them tools and techniques for self healing and empowerment. It's time to live from the heart not the head!

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