Since I was a little girl I dreamed of having the chance to heal people. I tried by intuition and helped a couple of friends with minor ailments. I couldn’t help my small children though. I was also aware of an intuition that sometimes scared me as I was able to anticipate what was going on in other people’s’ lives the moment I was connecting with them. I am originally from Peru, came to California 20 years ago hired by a technology company. My undergrad is in Civil Engineering and while living here I went for my MBA 8 years ago. I felt proud of that accomplishment considering that I just had an emergency back surgery two weeks before starting my program. How did I do it? Through an immense faith in that God was in control and that I was protected. I surrendered. I have three amazing children, Annia (30), Bruno (27) and Franco (24). We are close and supportive of each other. I consider that a blessing. In July 2020, I married for the second time to a wonderful man with whom I am sharing life and goals. We are both embarking in the 30 days Detox journey. My lovely parents had 5 children. Three of us live in CA and see each other as frequently as permitted. Not nowadays. My father lives in Peru, he is 91 years young and in perfect health. Enjoying life but missing my Mother who left this world 8 years ago. A beautiful soul that I miss so much. I live in Southern California. As an insurance agent I help people with designing a sustainable retirement plan. As a Math lover and educator, I train young professionals to get their MBAs at top colleges. I enjoy nature, yoga and meeting with my children, family and good friends.

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