Ilaria Quondomestefano

My mission and passion is to spread Natural Medicines and Sacred Sexuality through paths of awakening consciousness and integrating the energies of the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine. I work like Ayurvedic and Reiki therapist and I'm the Co-founder of "Flor de Luna Sagrada" a no profit Association to spread natural medicine and knowdledge. My awakening journey began 5 years ago with Amazonian Shamanism and master plants, the powerful Tibetan teachings of Dzochen . I worked as a Nursing Coordinator and as a Professional Nurse for about 6 years (Palliative care, Psychiatry, RSA, Physiotherapy) since I met Dr. Giovanni Brincivalli and started to study and work like Ayurvedi Therapist 5 years ago. I'm the coordinator of the Italian translation's team for the Italian version of Dr. Clint Rogers' book "Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer. -Ayurvedic Therapist -Master Reiki -Aromatherapy -Nurse Coordinator and Professional Nurse -Teacher of Yoga and Meditation -Teacher of GiocaYoga Method and mindfulness for children and teenagers (A.I.Y.B.)

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