Paola Maria Beltrami

Hi All, Born in Aquarious, mother of Anina Vera and Grandmother of Nicola, Lou and Mila. I am born in Switzerland from Italian parents. Since last May I moved to Italy to be with my elderly Mother.... It's a challenging healing journey that I am grateful for. I love to dance, I am a passionate cook and I am convinced that love heals, so what ever quality I put into the food, it will have its results. I am looking forward learning more about specific home remedies and Marmaa. I had my first pancha karma 28 years ago, love Ayurveda and I don't want to become a practitioner.. I want to engage 100% an learn more about my self and go deeper into selfhealing so that I become the pure vessel of Love that I am. Grateful that you are on that journey with me.

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