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Ancient Secrets Training
3-Year Certification Program

CONGRATULATIONS  for believing in yourself and for trusting in your power to be an influence of good in the lives of others and on this planet.

~ Join an Ancient Lineage of Elite Master Healers ~

Dr. Naram with Dr. Clint G Rogers, sharing Ancient Secrets of the Siddha-Veda Lineage

In the internationally best-selling book, ‘Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer’, Dr. Naram told Dr. Clint G. Rogers how he started as a doctor from nowhere.

Although Dr. Naram had a big desire to help others, and tried his best to use what he knew, he felt a significant lack of satisfaction from the tools he had learned.

This is when he discovered there was a master healer in the Himalayas that could do things that seemed like miracles, but were based on an ancient science.

This healer had the power to truly change people’s lives for the better. Dr. Naram discovered this great healer was using ancient secrets passed down thousands of years, originally used by Master Jivaka (physician for Buddha) to help solve problems and heal things that seemingly no one else could do. 

Dr. Naram being trained by his beloved master Baba Ramdas
Jivaka, physician for Buddha, and early master in this unbroken lineage

Dr. Naram met this master healer, and quickly found that when he followed these ancient secrets, his own life changed dramatically. His blood sugar became normal, his hair grew back, he became a much healthier weight, and best of all – he was a lot happier.

Dr. Naram decided if he wanted to do anything in his life, it was to learn this ancient science – how to help people have vibrant health, unlimited energy, and peace of mind. And so he went everyday for 100-Days, pleading with the great master healer, Baba Ramdas, if he could learn the ancient secrets. Finally, after much persistence, he was accepted into a 1,000 day training process. 

From his training, Dr. Naram went on to become one of the greatest healers of all time. He was also entrusted with a mission to help these ancient secrets spread and benefit every home and every heart on earth. Now you can become part of that mission.

  • What were the ancient secrets Dr. Naram learned from his master?
  • How did his master help Dr. Naram become the kind of healer able to help so many people on the planet (including even the celebrities, royalty, great saints, scholars, and leaders of businesses and countries who sought him out)? 
  • What are the ancient secrets preserved by this unbroken lineage, which you can now learn and utilize to change the lives of yourself and others?
  • What gifts would you develop as a part of this great lineage of healing?


This is the first time (and perhaps the only time) these ancient secrets will be shared in this way. 

If you are reading this now, there is a reason for it. 

You now have a priceless opportunity to discover and master Ancient Secrets which can change your life forever. 

As a result of participating in only the first year of this training, you will notice your capacity to help yourself and others will drastically improve; and each subsequent year of the program will further develop your capacity to heal yourself and others using the ancient secrets of this powerful lineage.

**And the truth is that if you feel in your heart a curiosity and a pull toward learning this type of healing – the world needs you.**

There are not nearly enough people who are practitioners to meet the current demand!

As the book, ‘Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer’, gets published in 30+ languages around the world, global demand for this type of healing will increase. 

Your choice to invest your time, energy, money, and efforts into becoming a practitioner of this ancient healing system can put you in a position to help and change so many lives for the better. 

How exciting to be alive right now when this is offered!


  • Do you have a heart for serving and a desire to learn things beyond what is ‘normally’ taught? Then this is for you.
  • You could already be a doctor, nurse, or other health care practitioner, with an open mind and heart – and you want to expand your capacity to help others through learning this ancient modality. You may want to implement it instead of or alongside your existing practice. Either way is fine.
  • Or you could be of another profession (not already a health care practitioner), but you feel a calling in your heart attracting you to this. If you feel a burning desire to grow in your capacity to help, heal, and serve yourself and others through becoming an active practitioner of this ancient science, this training is for you.

*Note: If you do not want to become a practitioner, but want to simply learn ancient healing secrets more deeply to help yourself and family/friends – then we have other more general courses for the public that will be made available. You can express your interest in joining those here:

Personal Enrichment Training Application – 

As this book gets published in 30+ languages, global demand for this type of healing will increase.
Dr. Pankaj Naram with Dr. Smita and Krushna Naram


You’ll experience countless benefits from this training, which include:

**Knowing – You’ll gain in-depth knowledge of the 6 secret keys of Siddha-Veda and how they can be utilized to bring yourself and others vibrant health, unlimited energy, and peace of mind. You’ll know specifically how they work together in this ancient healing science to resolve challenges that otherwise look impossible.

**Doing – Through hands-on experience you’ll develop skill and capacity in pulse diagnosis, as well as application of the 6 secret keys of Siddha-Veda (e.g. including home remedies, herbal remedies, panchakarma, etc.) to help resolve chronic and acute challenges. You’ll also gain experience in the three fundamental dimensions of facilitating deeper healing for those who come to you.

**Being – Dr. Naram emphasized this is one of the most important aspects of being a great healer: it is not only what you know and what you can do, but what is your being. Through this specific training process, you will face things like your own fears and ego, and step into a new way of being where you can see yourself and others more clearly. And in the space of your presence, your increased capacity to listen deeply and to truly love, so much healing already happens for others.

**Belonging – You will gain life-long friendships with others who are participating, with your mentors and colleagues, and with those you help along the way. You will also become part of a powerful ancient lineage of healers, whose mission and purpose is to be of service to humanity through living, applying, and sharing these ancient secrets.



Part of why this training will be so powerful for you is because of these 3 unique focus areas:

  "Learning By Doing"
  “Mentoring by Experienced Practitioners”
  "Earning while Learning”

1) "Learning By Doing"

This will be a very hands-on, interactive, application-based training.

You will not just be learning theories and ideas, you will be applying them in real situations, and as a result developing your capacity to be a force for incredible good on this planet.

2) "Mentoring by Experienced Practitioners"

As opposed to some institutions where you learn theory from those who have only studied it in books and through courses – here you will be mentored and learning directly from those who are practitioners, and who are actually applying this ancient wisdom to change people’s lives every day.

Dr. Hemang Parekh has personally trained many Indian and foreign doctors, and is coordinating the team of professional practitioners who will mentor and guide you. Dr. Hemang graduated from the world renowned Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar, before being trained by Dr. Pankaj and Smita Naram, and has seen more than 50,000 patients since joining Ayushakti in 2003.
He has helped people with all kinds of chronic diseases like arthritis, spondylosis, skin diseases, asthma, liver, kidney and heart problems, mentally challenged children, male and female infertility, and tube blocks among others. Dr. Hemang represents one of the many very qualified mentors who will guide you during this 3-years experience.
Dr Hemang Parekh

3) "Earning while Learning"

Starting the first year you will have practical opportunities to earn money in the process of learning. You will become an ‘Ayushakti Alliance Partner’, which includes the opportunity to host clinics for other practitioners to come to you either through live or online clinics (in which you can both learn and earn from the experience).

For those who continue on for all 3-years of training, you will not only receive a university diploma, but also can become a fully qualified practitioner yourself. 

While you are learning the ancient healing system, you will also expand your capacity to develop a clientele of very happy people so that you can experience abundance and support yourself and your family as a practitioner.

This is such a unique qualification that not only aligns you with your powerful purpose, but also can give you a business, an income, and a lifestyle that you love.

PROGRAM – What the training entails:

Upon official acceptance into the program (you will be notified by email), your first year of the training will begin on Saturday, January 15th, 2022. 

Each year of the program will develop your skill and capacity more and more, until the point when you can become an independent practitioner:

    1. Year #1 – You’ll develop a foundation of knowledge and experience. You’ll be assigned to a mentor who will assist you throughout your 3-year training and beyond. You’ll also be given some initial “earning while learning” opportunities.
    2. Year #2 – You’ll begin even more activities as a novice practitioner in this ancient healing method, receiving support from your mentor and through the systematic training. (You’ll also gain access to some signature software created to make your work easier.)
    3. Year #3 – You’ll be able to function more on your own, with less support from a mentor. At the completion of this year, you’ll likely feel confident to be able to practice on your own.

Each year of the course consists of: 

  1. Saturday Training Calls (Offered once a month through zoom, approximately 2-hours long each, usually held on the first Saturday of the month – all recorded and accessible if you can’t attend live). These calls provide practical training in areas critical to your progress, as well as opportunities for Q&A.
  2. Sunday Inspiration Calls – These calls are optional, but highly recommended – offered each Sunday through zoom, providing connection to a global community and inspiration about what is possible.
  3. Leadership & Service Opportunities – There will be many opportunities for both through this course and the Ancient Secrets Foundation, which help take you from knowing to doing to being.
  4. Live events:
    1. You will be invited to clinics in or near your area, to volunteer and learn.
    2. You will be invited to enjoy an optional (but highly encouraged) period of 7-10 days of silence at a location which supports it. (Some options will be given to you.)
    3. You will be invited to come to India for a special 1-week training each year. You’ll meet your mentors as well as all the other participants from around the world. You’ll be able to have direct experience with understanding the ancient system for reading the pulse, as well as hands-on experiences learning about panchakarma and marmaa shakti.

      This optional (but highly encouraged) experience will most likely be offered during the first year from March 26th to April 1st, 2022. (dates could change based on world events, and future years training dates will be announced later – all sessions will be recorded for those not able to attend live).

      *Note: While in India, you’ll also have an opportunity to visit the forest where the herbs are harvested, and the factory where they are produced. During the course you’ll also discover more about the vegetation in your own neighborhood and country, and how the healing properties of plants are all around you. You’ll have opportunities to use those herbs in making home remedies, and be able to use them to see impact in real cases.

    4. Other possible live event experiences will be announced throughout the program.


For those who complete the 3-years, you’ll receive a diploma from the Health Campus of St. Elisabeth University, a respected university in Europe.

As an official NAMA organizational member (a governing body in the USA for those who are practitioners in this general area), this course will also be listed through their PACE program (Professional Ayurvedic Continuing Education). Once the course is listed, if you are taking this course and are also a NAMA professional member, you can get continuing education credit for it. 

(*NOTE: Each country and state often has their own legal requirements for practitioners of any qualification. You will need to investigate your own laws to know what you can or can not do in your area with this qualification. You may need additional studies and/or degrees to legally practice in your area. What you will gain in terms of capacity through this course is so powerful, and yet some additional work may be required on your part to fit the requirements of your government in being able to use it in the ways you want to. As you do so, you may be instrumental in helping pave a path for this way of healing to bless many others, too.)

Support after graduation:
Beyond the 3-years program, as a graduate, you will also gain access to additional training opportunities and a support system that will continue to benefit you as you become a powerful healing force.

You will be joining a global family of people who are making a difference on this planet. You will receive support and encouragement from your mentors and other participants every step of your journey, throughout this certification process and beyond.

If you need any more information or have some questions you want answered, please contact us:

If reading this you get a big “Yes” in your heart – below is the information you need on how to proceed…


Before you can embark on the 3-year training program, you must have satisfied one of the following requirements:


Due to the time demands of mentoring, there is a limited amount of people who can be accepted into this exclusive program.

If you have not already completed it, please fill out the application here:

If you have already completed an application, and received your acceptance email, below are your enrollment options.

As spots are limited, you will be expected to RSVP your intention to participate via registration and/or email within 2 weeks of receiving your acceptance email. 

For the first group of people who received acceptance emails, we need you to confirm your participation in the 3-year training via email ASAP.

If you are not able to participate, we want to be able to open your spot to someone else.

Please RSVP to your intention to participate, and which enrollment option below that you choose. 


This unique opportunity is worth more than any amount of money. 

What you will learn, what you’ll be able to do, and how you will personally change and grow as a result of this training is truly priceless.

Although there is no training that we know of that compares to this one, normally for any kind of a diploma or qualification in the healing arts, you can easily invest more than $10,000+ per year (for a 3-year course it would be more than $30,000+). People invest that much because it puts you in a position to help others, and in a way where you can earn back your investment in a fairly short amount of time. 

This training could be considered even beyond that, in terms of its uniqueness, and the potential you have to develop your capacity to serve (and earn while doing so).

The pre-requisite course for this 3-year training, is the 100-Days Course (3 months), which is an investment of $1,500.

This 1,000-Days Certification Training (3 years) – which is 10 times the length of time and 100+ times the impact and value – is currently priced for a limited time at only $5,000/year or $15,000 total (for all 3 years).

If you are in a position to invest this amount, it will easily be worth it and much, much more.

Because we recognize some of you are joining from areas of the world where investing this amount is extremely difficult (or you are at a time in your life where you have a big desire to learn, only you don’t have much financial resources available), we are making available a partial scholarship option for only those of you who have a burning desire to participate and really need additional support…


– If you truly have a burning desire to participate and you feel you need even more assistance than the above options, then please fill out the scholarship application here:


– If you would like to invest for all 3 years in total by December 1st, 2021, you’ll receive $1,000 off. You’ll pay a total of only $14,000 for the entire program (all 3 years).


*IMPORTANT: We are trying to find potential funding sources for this scholarship program. If you are someone who is in a position where you can help by paying the full investment and/or fund anything towards the training of someone from another area of the world who needs it – please indicate your interest to help by emailing us here:


– Already possible is the option for you to either pay for the entire 3-years up-front, or to pay yearly the annual fee. It is not our preference, but there may be a possibility for different payment plans if you absolutely need it (where you pay smaller amounts every month over time). Contact us if you require a monthly payment plan. 


– *Note: NOT included in your course fee is any cost you could incur for travel to live events, accommodation/food during travel, etc. We are doing our best to arrange for the live training events/experiences to happen in ways that minimize this cost for you, while at the same time giving you the fullest experiences possible to become the best you can be.


– In addition to everything else, we have created opportunities for you to make money during the training – “earning while learning” – to help support you in funding your own travel expenses, as well as your overall investment in this program.

ENROLL NOW: Reserve your spot now, by enrolling here
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(Registration ENDS on Jan 1st, 2022)

(If you received an acceptance email, and now you are not able to join this training,

please let us know ASAP so we can open your slot to someone else. It is helpful if you RSVP ASAP, so we can adjust accordingly.)

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